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| House of Earth あざみ野の土

A house built on a sloping area. The skip-floor spaces were designed to take advantage of the difference in floor levels that follow the existing slope of the land. The ground floor is a space made of the earthen floor and earthen block walls, integrated with the outdoor ground. The upper floor is a three-dimensional one-room space with light shining in from multiple directions. The space made of earthen blocks with moisture control and resource recycling properties was realized in collaboration with the soil material research team.



『GA JAPAN』167(2020年11、12月号)
『日経アーキテクチュア』2022年5月26日号第24回 日本建築家協会 JIA 環境建築賞 優秀賞



Eureka | Eagle Woods House_Model photo

Eureka | Eagle Woods House_Sectional perspective

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Publication | 『新建築住宅特集』2021年9月号、『TOTO通信』2021年夏号。『GA JAPAN』167(2020年11、12月号)

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