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埼玉の家 アトリエとテラス

Renovation of a two-story wooden house. A library and a study for the poet husband and an atelier for painter wife were requested.
The atelier was added in front of the house as tunnel-like space to create a view toward the hedge along the street and the trees of the neighboring house. We thickened the existing exterior wall and create the book shelves. By thickening the existing exterior wall, the openings of the wall becomes veranda-like space, and those openings connect the existing interior space and the exterior space / new atelier space moderately.



埼玉の家 アトリエ(増築)

埼玉の家 アトリエ 外観

埼玉の家 書棚越しにアトリエを見る

埼玉の家 アトリエとリビングを分ける書棚

埼玉の家 アトリエの壁面

埼玉の家 アトリエ(天窓)

埼玉の家 アトリエの壁面(合板)

Design Period | 2009-2011
Photographs | © Ookura Hideki / Kurome Photo Studio

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