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| Blue Box Office

Blue Box Office/Eureka(エウレカ) Interior

A two-story wooden office building on a sloping land in a densely-built residential area. The office spaces are mainly on the upper floor and are filled with indirect natural light, while the ground floor is open to the surrounding area and serves as a link between the office space on the upper floor and the local community. The structural timber frames leaning against the rigid concrete retaining wall create the open ground floor space. Brightness of the interior spaces was critical to this project. The purpose was to create a comfortable and energy-efficient office space, as well as to create a sense of openness and continuity with the neighborhood. Natural light streaming in through the clerestory windows is diffused by light shelves made of perforated metal plates and metal fabric and reflected off the curved ceiling, illuminating the entire office space and the first floor entrance hall.





Blue Box Office(ブルームアカウンティング/青山裕之公認会計士事務所) 建築模型/Eureka

Blue Box Office/Eureka(エウレカ)

Blue Box Office 外観/Eureka *S

Blue Box Office_断面模型/Eureka

Blue Box Office 自然光のオフィス空間/Eureka(エウレカ)

Blue Box Office 自然光のオフィス空間/Eureka

Blue Box Office 基礎・擁壁工事/Eureka

Blue Box Office 北側外観(夜景)/Eureka *S

Blue Box Office 図面(断面パース)/Eureka

Blue Box Office 街路と連続した1階ホール/Eureka

Blue Box Office ハイサイドライトからの光/Eureka

Blue Box Office_アイソメ_isometric drawing - Eureka

Blue Box Office ピロティ・エントランス/Eureka

Blue Box Office 図面(平面図)/Eureka

Blue Box Office 敷地傾斜に沿った段差の床と階段/Eureka

Blue Box Office 1階の私営公共空間/Eureka *K

Blue Box Office 地域のお祭り/Eureka

Blue Box Office スキップフロア/Eureka *S

Blue Box Office ハイサイドライト/Eureka *S

Blue Box Office オフィスとテラスの関係/Eureka *S

Blue Box Office 図面(矩計図)/Eureka

Blue Box Office 北東側外観、前面道路に開かれたグランドレベル/Eureka *U

Blue Box Office 敷地の傾斜に沿ったスキップフロア/Eureka

Blue Box Office キッチン@オフィス・エントランス/Eureka

Blue Box Office スキップフロアの空間/Eureka *U

Blue Box Office スキップフロアのオフィス/Eureka

Blue Box Office コンクリート擁壁/Eureka

Blue Box Office パンチングメタルで透過・拡散された光で満ちた執務空間/Eureka

Blue Box Office 建築:Eureka | エウレカ *KS

>> Blue Box Office | Drawings & Construction Photos 図面&工事現場写真

>> Details of the short film "Blue Box Office" by Kenji Seo

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