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| NAGI Terrace 奈義町多世代交流広場(第1期)

New public facility for Nagi town in Okayama prefecture. It's designed to be the central community space for the local people, based on Nagi Town Grand Design. The building is located along the bank of the reservoir that is one of the local identity of Nagi town. The building is devided into 3 small volumes and shifted each other so that the building has various small spaces in bothe of the exterior and the interior. And the pedestrian ramp penetrates the building, connecting the front yard plaza and the pedestrian deck of the reservoir bank.




Eureka|エウレカ_建築工事中_奈義町多世代交流広場 対岸から

Eureka|エウレカ_建築工事中_奈義町・小商いマーケットプレイス 模型写真

Eureka|エウレカ_建築工事中_奈義町・小商いマーケットプレイス ダイアグラム

Eureka|エウレカ_建築工事中_奈義町多世代交流広場 屋根の連なり

Eureka|エウレカ_建築工事中_奈義町多世代交流広場 屋根の連続

Designed in collaboration with Nagikara, Kumamoto University Landscape Design Lab, Tetor, kttm | 2017-
Photographs | © Ookura Hideki / Kurome Photo Studio (if not otherwise specified as *E(Eureka))

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