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つくばの家 リビング

Renovation of a three-story steel house. This house is for the couple who would like to live on the floor without tables and chairs but with a few Futons. Generally, atmosphere of interior dwelling space is created by furnishings and light coming in, rather than architectural finishes of floor, wall and ceiling. Since they don't want to put any furniture on the floor, we built another wall inside of the existing exterior wall so that the wall creates the atmosphere by setting the light and the furnishings into the walls. The light through the small windows becomes indirect light by reflecting in-between the walls, and the indirect light fills the space.




つくばの家 キッチン(改修)

つくばの家 3階 寝室

つくばの家 リビング

つくばの家 リビング吹抜け

つくばの家 玄関

つくばの家 玄関

つくばの家 飾り棚

Design Period | 2009-2010
Photographs | © Ookura Hideki / Kurome Photo Studio
Publication | 『新建築住宅特集』2012年8月号、『ディテール』196(2013年春季号)

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