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Kankyu-tei 感泣亭  神奈川県川崎市 Kanagawa, Japan 2010-2012  >> 詳細 | See more images



Addition of an annex in a small garden. There is an existing wooden modernism house of a late poet in the property, and the request for the addition was a space that could be open to public occasionally. For that reason, we designed the new space as an annex that is apart from the existing, and the space becomes completely open to the exterior by sliding all the doors. It would work as a pocket park in the crowded residential area. There is the small exterior space in between the existing dwelling space and the annex space so that the both spaces merge into the exterior.


| KUROSUKE NO IE クロスケの家  埼玉県所沢市 Saitama, Japan 2009-2011   >> 詳細 | See more images


The wooden buildings were Japanese tea manufacturer's house, factory and storehouses. And those buildings were built over 100 years ago. We restored the wooden buildings and changed a room to the office for a national trust organization. Since the buildings are historically important, the client had been decided to register the buildings as a cultural property. After the restoration and alteration, the three buildings in the property were designated as National registered tangible cultural properties (Structures) on June 21, 2013.


| NAGI Grand Design   岡山県勝田郡奈義町 Okayama, Japan 2016-  >> 詳細 | See more images

NAGI Grand Design


A town plannning project in Nagi town. This project aims to visualize the future of the town after 50 years. We found the circular path that runs in the town and would connect the public facilities of Nagi town.


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