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TAKAMORI Town Grand Design Proposal  熊本県阿蘇郡高森町 Kumamoto, Japan 2018  >> 詳細 | See more images



A town plannning project in Takamori town. This project aims to create new circulation and activities in the area that includes the small station in the town.


| NAGI Town Grand Design   岡山県勝田郡奈義町 Okayama, Japan 2016-  >> 詳細 | See more images

NAGI Grand Design


A town plannning project in Nagi town. This project aims to visualize the future of the town after 50 years. We found the circular path that runs in the town and would connect the public facilities of Nagi town.


| NAGI Terrace 奈義町多世代交流広場(第1期)  岡山県勝田郡奈義町 Okayama, Japan 2017-2018  >> 詳細 | See more images

Nagi Terrace 奈義町多世代交流広場


New public facility for Nagi town in Okayama prefecture. It's designed to be the central community space for the local people, based on Nagi Town Grand Design. The building is located along the bank of the reservoir that is one of the local identity of Nagi town. The building is devided into 3 small volumes and shifted each other so that the building has various small spaces in bothe of the exterior and the interior. And the pedestrian ramp penetrates the building, connecting the front yard plaza and the pedestrian deck of the reservoir bank.


| Senju Street Library   東京都足立区 Tokyo, Japan 2021  >> 詳細 | See more images

Senju Street Library

足立区千住の複合施設『せんつく』の前庭を改修した屋外スペースのデザイン。欧州連合(EU)の国際プロジェクト『EU Readr』の一環として作られた、住宅地の中にある小さなパブリックスペースです。

An exterior space that has been renovated from the front yard of the Sentsuku complex in Senju, Adachi-ku. It is a small public space in a residential area, built as part of the European Union (EU) international project "EU Readr".



| Calavan of MA-DO   愛知県岡崎市 Aichi, Japan 2016  >> 詳細 | See more images

Calavan of MA-DO


This project aims to activate the existing public spaces by the traveling spacial device. This device is composed of 7 furnitures of various sizes and shapes.



| Dragon Court Village  愛知県岡崎市 Aichi, Japan 2011-2013  >> 詳細 | See more images  >> ドローイング | Drawings

Dragon Court Village


An apartment building for 9 families in a suburban residential area. Taking advantage of the low-density district, the building has many exterior dwelling places. The three-dimensional mass with several void spaces was designed using wind simulation. The exposed structural wooden frames are not only supporting the floating mass but also working as exterior furniture. The annexes in the ground floor would be used as a space for non-residential use, such as home office, lecture class etc so that their life would be connected to the surroundings.


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