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| Ono-Sake Warehouse  茨城県つくば市研究学園 Ibaraki, Japan 2014-2016  >> 詳細 | See more images

Ono-Sake Warehouse



| Traveling Exhibition in Residential Districts "Tokyo"  東日本 East Japan 2016  >> 詳細 | See more images

Traveling Exhibition in Residential Districts


Exhibition traveling in residential districts in Tokyo. The exhibition materials are small A5-sized drawing panels and 3mm thick plywood only, so that the exhibition can be moved easily and built in anywhere by hanging or resting against a wall.


| Around the Corner Grain  埼玉県さいたま市 Saitama, Japan 2012-2015  >> 詳細 | See more images

Around the Coner Grain


An apartment building for 7 families located at the corner in residential area. By creating the piloti connected to the frontal residential roads, the building has the open public space on the ground level. The mass of the building was designed by calculating the ratio of the viewable sky from the road. As a result, the building has the uneven skyline, open sky balconies, piloti and staircase that penetrate the mass. The uniqueness of the each residents would appear on the facade and become a part of the streetscape over time.


| Dragon Court Village  愛知県岡崎市 Aichi, Japan 2011-2013  >> 詳細 | See more images  >> ドローイング | Drawings

Dragon Court Village


An apartment building for 9 families in a suburban residential area. Taking advantage of the low-density district, the building has many exterior dwelling places. The three-dimensional mass with several void spaces was designed using wind simulation. The exposed structural wooden frames are not only supporting the floating mass but also working as exterior furniture. The annexes in the ground floor would be used as a space for non-residential use, such as home office, lecture class etc so that their life would be connected to the surroundings.


| Field note   前橋市美術館「アーツ前橋」(群馬県前橋市) ARTS MAEBASHI (Gunma, Japan) 2015-2016  >> 詳細 | See more images

アーツ前橋「ここに棲む ― 地域社会へのまなざし」


私たちはフィールド(調査地)に赴き、各々の地域を地図に描いてきた。これをフィールドノート(野帳)と呼ぶ。本展(前橋市美術館「アーツ前橋」展覧会 “ここに棲む ― 地域社会へのまなざし”)では地域への眼差しとして、設計敷地と、隔たった場所を地続きの暮し、環境であるとして志向してきたことをストレートに表現した。アユタヤ、ジャカルタの集落、設計した岡崎、浦和の集合住宅を模型とし、展示台の4コーナーに置く。そして模型と同一縮尺で、展示台へ地図を投影している。これはフィールドで暮しを採集した野帳であり、設計過程のリサーチ、微気候のシミュレーション、地域を映すフィールドノートである。


| Kankyu-tei 感泣亭  神奈川県川崎市 Kanagawa, Japan 2010-2012  >> 詳細 | See more images



Addition of an annex in a small garden. There is an existing wooden modernism house of a late poet in the property, and the request for the addition was a space that could be open to public occasionally. For that reason, we designed the new space as an annex that is apart from the existing, and the space becomes completely open to the exterior by sliding all the doors. It would work as a pocket park in the crowded residential area. There is the small exterior space in between the existing dwelling space and the annex space so that the both spaces merge into the exterior.


| Blanks  茨城県つくば市 Ibaraki, Japan 2009-2010   >> 詳細 | See more images  >> ドローイング | Drawings



Renovation of a three-story steel house. This house is for the couple who would like to live on the floor without tables and chairs but with a few Futons. Generally, atmosphere of interior dwelling space is created by furnishings and light coming in, rather than architectural finishes of floor, wall and ceiling. Since they don't want to put any furniture on the floor, we built another wall inside of the existing exterior wall so that the wall creates the atmosphere by setting the light and the furnishings into the walls. The light through the small windows becomes indirect light by reflecting in-between the walls, and the indirect light fills the space.



| veterinarian N house N獣医の家  神奈川県南足柄市 Kanagawa, Japan 2010-2011  >> 詳細 | See more images >> ドローイング | Drawings


A two story building of an animal hospital and the veterinarian's house. We created several gardens around the building - garden for animals, backyard, garden for the dweller. Since those gardens are narrow, we rotated the building and created trapezoidal gardens so that those gardens could be wider space. The top/bottom edge of the metal screen at the site border changes in response to the surroundings and trims the view toward the outside of the site.


| KUROSUKE NO IE クロスケの家  埼玉県所沢市 Saitama, Japan 2009-2011   >> 詳細 | See more images


The wooden buildings were Japanese tea manufacturer's house, factory and storehouses. And those buildings were built over 100 years ago. We restored the wooden buildings and changed a room to the office for a national trust organization. Since the buildings are historically important, the client had been decided to register the buildings as a cultural property. After the restoration and alteration, the three buildings in the property were designated as National registered tangible cultural properties (Structures) on June 21, 2013.


| Cabinets  埼玉県比企郡 Saitama, Japan 2009-2010   >> 詳細 | See more images  >> ドローイング | Drawings


Renovation of a two-story wooden house. A library and a study for the poet husband and an atelier for painter wife were requested.
The atelier was added in front of the house as tunnel-like space to create a view toward the hedge along the street and the trees of the neighboring house. We thickened the existing exterior wall and create the book shelves. By thickening the existing exterior wall, the openings of the wall becomes veranda-like space, and those openings connect the existing interior space and the exterior space / new atelier space moderately.


| Park around the village  愛知県 Aichi, Japan    >> 詳細 | See more images

Park around the village

An apartment building in a suburban residential area. We put the building at the center of the site and the circular parking lots around it, in order to avoid having large area parking lots. The circular parking lots bring light and wind to the building. The building is the components of residential units so that the building is porous and has varied territories that are cross-inside/outside spaces.


| Project F  京都府京都市 Kyoto, Japan  >> 詳細 | See more images

Project F

Renewal of an old Kyoto machiya. Restoring the existing tea house and two spot gardens, two new houses and two new spot gardens are added. The buildings are connected by the veranda-like porch that is angled and has transmutative width. The angled porch and four gardens work as a buffer zone of the families.


| Calico cat triangle 三毛猫の三角  鳥取県 Tottori, Japan   >> 詳細 | See more images


Annex for favorite pursuits in an idyllic countryside. This space is for three persons who have different favorite pursuits. The three would like to share the time and space having each individual places.


| Mama's Pochette  神奈川県鎌倉市 Kanagawa, Japan   >> 詳細 | See more images

Mama's Pochette

A room for an elderly woman. This house has the external shape that is different from the internal space shape. The external shape is designed to shape the exterior space, on the other hand, the internal shape is designed to shape the interior space. The two different shapes result in the space boundary that has transmutative depth.


| House 8  埼玉県さいたま市 Saitama, Japan  >> 詳細 | See more images

House 8

Three-family house of an elderly couple and two their daughters' families. This house is one continuous space of a string of a number of trapezoidal rooms. Since trapezoidal space has direction, the relations of the rooms could have various open/close relations.


| 前職での主な担当作品 | Main works at the former job


 >> 詳細 | See more images

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